Music Production

We are not Just Beat Makers…. We are Musicians as well, we work with you to create the music in your hearts and the songs in your spirit.

Media Transfer

OLD tapes, Records…even VHS yes we said that we can save your memories while we empower your dreams!

Sound Tech/Engineer

Your establishment has the equipment but lacks the the skillful talent to truly reveal your investments true potential? Here at Empower we have a proven ongoing and growing track record of providing this key service for clients in studios/corporate entities/houses of worship and musical bands.

Audio Post Production

From Full Radio Shows to Audio for film and tv we know that the power of good sound is key for the best experience we understand . With clients from influential leaders to blockbuster movies we have the experience and the creative passion to …empower your dreams…


We make the music and lay the tracks to grab your attention and ease the tension when watching movies, TV or any video production your working with.


We love what we do and we really love mixing…we’ll take your tracks and make a, masterpiece.

Voice Overs

Do you need vocal talent for your commercial,video presentation,On hold, in store recording ? We have the diversity in voice talent to express your vision from the island feel to the Nashville reel we can produce the sound you’re looking for.

Studio Recording

With over 15 years of Experience and access to great equipment we know how to capture that sound that voice that instrument for your project in less time.

Custom Instrumentals

Artists,Music Supervisors,Filmmakers,Marketing Directors email us for samples for your next branding endeavour….


When you Audio Gets to this stage; we make sure that It will sound GREAT wherever it goes…. guaranteed.

Custom Home Sound Installation

When you want to spend time with your family to watch your favorite action film we can create a the environment you desire to experience every aspect of your favorite film or tv show.


We know that to hold your customer’s attention words are important. Get your message to the ones who matter, your readers, clients, and customers. Lets build your campaign together….