Who Are We?

Here at EmpowermediA we work with record labels, music producers, songwriters, and musicians across the globe.

We’ve produced various styles of music such as Pop, Reggae, Culture, Rap, Worship, Inspirational, R&B, and Hip-Hop.

At EmpowermediA our goal is to give our clients the opportunity to attain their vision in whatever media endeavor they are pursuing by combining our drive and resources with your vision to “Empower Your Dreams”.

Mission Statement

“To Create, and Produce the Best Music and Audio Products For Our Clients.”

Why Us?

Every project we acquire we believe that it is the game changer the product that changes the status quo. That this is the device that can and will show that creativity and passion can revolutionize that world around us all and remind us that it all started from …… A dream.

Let us … “Empower Your Dreams” …