What is the difference between Studio time and (what we offer) Project Time?

Studio time is using an engineer who is not creatively involved in what you recording. The engineer is simply paid by the hour and focus is to deliver a quality recording. Project Based studio time allows you to work with a producer who consults with you about the vision of the overall project and is actively involved in assisting you in your creation.

How much is studio time by the hour?

Contact us for details.

Are block rates available?

Yes, block rates are available. Contact us for details.

If I purchase a block of time how long do I have to use it?

Your unused block time credit will be available for up to 45 days.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes, a deposit is required to schedule studio time.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept Cash, Paypal and Credit Cards

When do I pay?

Payments are due before your session starts.

What should I bring to bring to my session?

Nothing is required however; CD’s and other materials are not included with your session.

Is mixing and mastering included with studio time?

No, mixing and mastering is a separate service. Contact us for more info.

If I’m not buying the extra service for mixing and mastering, what type of mixing is included with studio time?

You will receive a basic reference mix. For more details, see Services / Mixing

Does studio time include an engineer?

Yes, studio time includes an engineer.

Who else will be present during my session?

Outside of the studio staff, only you and your party will be allowed inside the studio session.

How many people can I bring to my session?

Contact us for details.

I am an aspiring artist, and I would like to book studio time but I do not have my own music. What should I do?

That’s ok! We have music production packages that can fit the budget no matter what your experience. Please contact us for more information

I have Master of my music; I would like to know what format is best for your studio?

We’re able to accept masters in many formats. Our main format is Pro Tools on a Macintosh Computer. We advise not to truncate your audio files when transferring from other formats to wave.

If I’m late to my session does it count against my time reserved?

Yes, our time is just as valuable as yours. Your time starts and ends at the time you reserve.

If my session ends early, am I still billed for the time unused?

Yes, you are still billed for the time unused unless you have more than an hour remaining.

If I cancel my appointment, will I still be billed?

If calling within four hours of your session, one hour will be deducted from your reserved time.

How much are your instrumental tracks?

We are a project based studio. Please contact for more details. Email tmarshall@empowermediamusic.com / info@empowermediamusic.com

What comes in a production package?

Our production packages are customized to specifically cater to what you want and need. Our list of services compiles most of what we offer in our production packages. For more information, please contact us.

If I have talent, do I have to pay for a production package?

Yes, although we recognize many artists have extraordinary talent, we still stand behind the belief that artists who are truly dedicated are willing to invest in themselves.

Do you offer financing for production packages?

Financing is available. Please contact for more information.

How often will a production package allow me to be in the studio?

The amount of studio time depends on the production package chosen.

Will you shop my music and how much will it cost?

Yes, shopping is a service we offer. Contact for more details.

I have my own lyrics and melody; can you create a song around it?

Yes, we offer that service offer. Contact for more details.

If I purchase one of your own track, will I have total ownership of the track?

Please contact us for more details

What is the difference between Exclusive Production and Non-Exclusive Production?

Exclusive production is when you’re the only person who can demo the track. Non-exclusive means, the track can be demoed by anyone who wants to purchase it.

Why should I choose your company for my production package?

The first is to set up your consultation, from there we will discuss your specific needs and create a package that is right for you. We understand the sacrifices you are making to bring your dream to live it is this passion to which our company exists to empower other’s dreams. Money is not our passion empowering your dream is.

How much do you charge for media Transfers?

The first step is contact us via email or calling us. Each medium is different and thus has different stages for completion.

What steps are required to receive a production package?

The first step is setting up your consultation.

Are consultations free?

No, call for details.