February 5, 2016 Beaumont Todd


Wanting to be an Artist is not all the glam and glitter it seems to be. It takes hard work and dedication along with talent. Check out some of the process and things you need to become a recording artist.

Get Paid as a Recording Artist

Imagine having an exciting and rewarding career as a recording artist. When you become a recording artist you can touch people’s lives through your music, while making money doing what you love.

About a Career as a Recording Artist

It has never been easier to create and sell your own recordings, and if you build a large enough following, your career path can lead to a major recording deal and even stardom.

When you’re not recording in the studio, your “job” as a recording artist may include:

  • Live performances
  • Appearing and performing in music videos
  • Doing interviews for radio, TV, magazines, and newspapers
  • Appearing for photo shoots
  • Going on promotional tours
  • Doing autograph signings and in-store appearances
  • Attending award shows and music industry parties
  • Interacting with fans

Guide to Become a Recording Artist

If this sounds like the career of your dreams, the FabJob Guide to Become a Recording Artist is for you. In this guide you will discover what you need to know to build a following, get a record deal, and succeed in the music business.

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The information in this guide can help you no matter what type of music you want to record and perform. While the guide focuses on succeeding in contemporary popular music — pop, rock, R&B, alternative, metal, and hip hop/rap — the techniques can be applied in other genres as well, including country, jazz, Christian, gospel and classical music.

The guide’s author is Kathy Baylor, who has worked in the music business for over 12 years with Motown Records, Sony Music, Midnight Songs (a music publishing company under Polygram) and Universal Records, where she was responsible for finding and signing new talent in urban, pop, and alternative music.

The guide covers topics of vital importance to anyone who wants to break into the music business and become a recording artist, including:

Getting Ready

  • Identifying and refining your musical style
  • How to create the best image for you
  • How to make the most of your singing voice
  • A key element of “star quality” and how to develop it
  • How to create a killer demo package including:
        • How to pick the right producer for you
        • Choosing songs that give you the best chance at getting a record deal
        • Recording your demo without spending too much
        • The important elements of effective photos and bios
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