January 22, 2016 Beaumont Todd

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Finding the Right Manager
Finding a good manager in music is literally like finding a good spouse. There are many but only one of a kind that is just right for you.
Whether it be aunty, uncle, cousin Joe, or a professional there are certain things every good manager must do to help build your career. Finding the right fit and type that works with you to help build your career whether, an artist or a label is crucial. Not everyone gets you, Your manager should! At least, when it comes to building your career.
Even if you are completely new to the business, having a good manager in your corner is indispensable.
What are some of the things a manager should be doing for you?
1 – Helping You get a plan and strategy, and then putting it into action.
2 – Helping You get into a Recording Studio for Recording for Artist and getting your music heard for Producers
3 – Helping You Find and Select the Right Songs
4 – Helping You get Other Musicians and Featured Vocalist
5 – Helping You get Work as a Featured Artist
6 – Helping You to find the other industry people you’ll need i.e. Entertainment Attorneys, Producers. Accountants, Booking Agents
7- Helping Handle Most of the Day to Day aspects of your music career
8 – Helping Coordinate Your Marketing and Promotional Campaigns
9 – Helping Coordinate Shows and GIG Schedules
10 -Being the Main Contact Person and Spokesman for You
(List provided by – The Music Powers that BE…)
These are just some of the things a good manager will do.
However, one of the most important things a good manager does is listen.
Listen to who you say you are and what you say you are trying to do.
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