November 23, 2015 admin


Hi… Family  just continuing from the previous blog on having to much music.

Now ,this is a very touchy topic because music is and will always be extremely subjective and we as creative creatures strive to express ourselves .

In relation to our topic the general rule thumb that has been a staple wherever I go is ….. When you are noticing the music more than the song itself. This concept I learnt playing @ an event over 8 years ago. The other keyboard player and I  were trading advanced chords during a song and after the set a nice lady walked up to us after and said what you guys were playing was so pretty I forgot to pay attention to the singer .

This  could be taken as flattery but knowing what the singer wanted from us left us feeling rather guilty.

From that point on i vowed not to be that person again only putting what the client wanted and what is needed.

Most songs that live and strive in the pop ratings have at most 4-7 chords .

Of course there exceptions to the rule Stevie wonder , Pink Floyd
The earlier Luther Vandross stuff.
But if you really listen to those songs you hear the music almost move out of the way of the melody and where things like the horns move with the last notes of the bass or vocals

Next time when your music is playing listen to how the main melody ties in to the song melody and how the supporting instruments pick up certain parts of your main melody.