November 23, 2015 admin

Today is the deadline

Today is the deadline.


It is gone ……… finished………now, a memory living in our minds about what did or didn’t do.

But like most creative people we wonder if I did it the other  way or what if i tried the new thing that I just learnt 5 minutes ago? I am even more rested now and I can REALLY do something worth mention on this project but, the Song/ Songs/ Album was turned in 10 minutes ago.

Yes there is some really fancy “term” out there that can fit what we all have been through in our creative process but i like to call it “Our Passion”.

I  Remember the first time I produced a track , it was on an old casio keyboard and a Boss Drum Machine that belonged to my older brother.  He had just showed me what this little black box could do and I had just finally memorized the first piece to sesame street. So I decided to replay the little piece I remembered from memory with the 80’s type beat I heard my brother play from the Boss Drum machine.

Not knowing anything about tracking or recording, my tape player had a built in recording option
(I may be giving away my age here), that allowed me to put down the idea in my head.

I kept that recording to myself for 3 months and it only to 5 min to record!!.

Why? …. we all know.

You ask yourself the questions……..

How does this sound?
Is it Horrible?
What could I do here different?
I wonder how it may be received?
Should I throw this away and start over?
Could I do that but better?
I am being to picky?

This is just a short list but you get the point.

The good news is , this is normal. The Bad news it will never stop.

When people get completed work from me, it is only really completed until a new idea comes to mind.
And that was a concept a Producer / Mentor of mine said. You really don’t get that revelation until it happens. You see the clients face light up and they are gung ho with the next step and you feel that pride that you just created something that brought joy to that person and no amount of money can replace that feeling.

Then tomorrow comes and your mind reflects on previous events and then………it happens.

My mentor taught me that nothing creative is ever done and that those questions are an important  part of what  drives our creativity. It is not our insecurities or “fears” as some may say. It is our desire to relate the joy of what we feel inside to the rest of the world.

Take joy in realizing our creativity is not logical and as a result not easily measured.

Today we are  just a little different than who we were yesterday, and most certianly, tomorrow.
“Empower…..your dreams”