November 23, 2015 admin

Work Flow

It is a Sunday night and just got home from an event where I mixed front of house.

I saw an old colleague and they said that wanted to experience the same sound the last time at the helm . That was my original intent going after my live sound with the same basic principles of studio mixing the sound went pretty good.

However the feel was different. I went through the set in my mind and analyzed everything I did then I realized that one of the key things was arrangement . The last time the band played the songs were in a lower key that made it more comfortable for the singers. And also the drummer was more comfortable with that previous set.

Because the bass player and the drummer were able to really get tight the rhythm section of that set was really solid thus giving the ability to polish that section of the song. As a result I remembered the melody section and the singers were. more comfortable the energy was just right .

My point live, in the studio or even in your production section your arrangement will be key in helping your mix come together.

Remember to check ,does the main melody have room  along with the dominant instrument of the song does the rhythm section of the song give you a sense of rhythm that you can’t deny?

I will talk about these sections of a song and how it works together for a great song  and post it @ www.empowermediamusic .com but for now it definitely will help you  in getting your mix tight and feeling good

Empower your dream…..